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~Genuine KENDO gear shop in Japan~

Do enjoy browsing through our selection of bogu made by professional Japanese craftsmen who wholeheartedly poured their passion into their craft.



Manager profile

Shop manager: Takeomi Togo

Shop manager: Takeomi Togo




In recent years, Japan has faced the issue of aging population and declining birth rate which in turn causes problem of lack of young ones to inherit traditional crafts such as running a Kendo store.

Even more worrying is that, the rise in popularity to prioritise winning in shiai and the frequent practice to cut cost, kendo equipment are now facing a “just make it thin and light” mentality shift with increasing trend.

To right this wrong, we trace back to the fundamental feature of Kendo gear

-   Safety

-   Ease of use

-   Elegance

By returning to the above philosophy of what kendogu are meant to be, the Japanese tradition of kendogu will pass on properly for ages to come, thus this store was open to make this vision a reality.

To bring the Japanese Traditional culture, KENDO, to greater prosperity together with everyone. 

Takeomi Togo

Manager profile

Takeomi Togo

Born in Shimane Prefecture on the 24th November, 1978

Shimane prefecture is the hometown of his mother. He has been doing kendo in Tokyo from the age of 8 where he went through vigorous training at Shakujii Kenyukai, Shakujii Police Dojo and Toshokan Dojo(Most famous kendo club in Japan), all in Nerima Ward. Graduated from Takushoku University affiliated First High School then from Takushoku University after.

He entered Hoshizaki Tokyo Limited and became independent at the age of 27.

Starting at age 29, he returned to his mother’s home prefecture, Shimane, and opened up a Budougu store.

Currently an instructor at Shimane Prefecture owned Budokan while holding the rank Renshi 6-Dan.

Inside the shop

Inside the shop