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~Genuine KENDO gear shop in Japan~

Do enjoy browsing through our selection of bogu made by professional Japanese craftsmen who wholeheartedly poured their passion into their craft.


Premium KENDO wear【武州一】

【武州一 Bushu-ichi】

〜Japanese Aizome technology〜

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Bushu-Ichi Aizome(=indigo dye) kendo wears are fabricated with threads that are “Sakizome”. Sakizome threads are threads that are dyed individually. The blue dye strengthens the thread, allowing to last for a very long time. Not only does the dye provides superb durability, it also has a soft and comfortable touch to the skin.

Benefits of Aizome dye”

The Aizome dye does not only repel insects but also maintains moisture, has antibacterial properties while being tough against sweat with good sweat absorption.

To weave Aizome threads into fabrics is no easy feat which requires a lot of man power. Even with efficiency driven modern machines, it’s hard to produce these with quality. Thus a more vintage method of utilising shuttle weaving machine is used for the task. Although fine calibration of the machine from production batch to another is hard work, but the trustworthy nature of the machine and the fine quality weaves of fabric it produces makes it an indispensable workhorse.

The Keiko(=training) uniform does not only maintain a stunning silhouette, the Hakama does not disturb your footwork, Keikogi collar does not chaff your neck, sleeves do not obstruct your wrist movement, but also gives you a sharp look that your hard earned skills deserve. Each piece has been sewn by the craftsmen, needle by needle, with care.

Bushu Process