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~Genuine KENDO gear shop in Japan~

Do enjoy browsing through our selection of bogu made by professional Japanese craftsmen who wholeheartedly poured their passion into their craft.





KAGAYAKI exceptional impact absorption.

Kenshi Nagamatsu

Kendo is a life long sport that nurtures great skill over long period of time. Sometimes this comes with long lasting micro injuries and burdens to the body.

If you search for “ kendo neck pain” on the internet, you are bound to come up with many recounts of personal experience of kendo palyer who had problems with neck related pain. Recently however, a customer who bought and used “KAGAYAKI” had posted on social media saying “ My neck feels a lot less painful than usual after kendo practice.”.

KAGAYAKI uses 50% more filling content than usual which allows it to reduce the burden to its wearer more effectively than other normal bogu.

With actual experience and praise coming from kendoka with kendo related neck pain, we truly believe you will have confidence in our product.